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-61% sale
Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Ring
Orbit Rings
Apollo Rosegold Slim $99.00 $250.00
Now available in rose gold! The Apollo Rosegold Slim Ring is the perfect accessory for any occasion. It's made from quality Tungsten Carbide, a modern and flat design, and our signature comfort fit. Width: 4mm Thickness: 2.3mm
-49% sale
Ceramic Ring Black White Ceramic Ring
Ceramic $1,090.00 $2,100.00
A simply stunning black or white Ceramic ring. Width:6mm 
-49% sale
Black Ceramic Wedding Ring 6mm
Ceres Black Slim $105.00 $204.00
A classic black Ceramic ring, simple yet elegant.   Width: 6mm
-50% sale
Delta Black Tungsten Carbide Steel Colour Tungsten Wedding Ring
Tungsten Carbide
Delta Black $105.00 $210.00
  Keeping it plain and simple with this Tungsten Carbide brushed steel colour ring, topped off with a polished black inner. Width: 6mm /8mm       
-60% sale
6mm Brushed Silver Tungsten Ring, Rose Gold Inner
Tungsten Carbide
Delta Rosegold $132.00 $330.00
A beautiful Tungsten Carbide ring with rose gold inner band, and wide brush finish silver on the outside. Elegant and chic styling. Width: 6mm / 8mm  
-50% sale
6mm Carbon Fibre Ring with Fordite Inner band 6mm Carbon Fibre Ring with Fordite Inner band
Orbit Rings
Fordite Mondeo $280.00 $550.00
The Fordite Mondeo is a modern take on the traditional wedding ring. The black carbon fibre ring gives way to a stunning fordite inner, created from the buildup of paint on automotive assembly lines. Width: 6mm (Can be customised) Thickness: 2.3mm
-55% sale
Tungsten carbide ring split with wood and blue 6MM Silver Tungsten Wedding Ring With Wood and Synthetic Opal Inlay
Tungsten Carbide
Milky Way Split Slim $105.00 $230.00
The woods or the beach ? With this ring, you'll never have to choose. Our Tungsten Carbide polished silver ring with an Acacia wood and crushed Opal inlay, topped with a polished silver inner, combining these two elements perfectly.  Width: 6mm Thickness: 2,3mm
-53% sale
Black Plated Brushed Outer Titanium Ring Polished Inner 6mm
Neptune Black Slim $105.00 $220.00
Minimalistic. Mysterious. Marvelous. Make a statement with this slim black Titanium ring. The only accessory you'll ever need.   Width: 6mm    
Sold out -60% sale
Polished Titanium Ring with Turquoise and Silver Inlay 6mm/8mm
Saturn Steel $106.00 $260.00
A colour combination to cover all your bases. This Titanium ring has a threaded inlay with a hint blue, silver and black, the elements of mystery, beauty and strength. Width: 6mm / 8mm   
-44% sale
Black Tungsten Ring With Deer Antler and Koa Wood Inlays 6mm Black Tungsten Ring With Deer Antler and Koa Wood Inlays 8mm
Tungsten Carbide
Solar Brown $180.00 $320.00
Dashing polished black pipe cut Tungsten ring with awesome deer antler and Koa wood inlays.  Width: 6mm / 8mm  
-56% sale
Brushed Black Tungsten Carbide Ring with Gold Groove and Inner 6mm wide Gold and Black Dome Tungsten Carbide Ring
Tungsten Carbide
Stream Gold Slim $103.00 $230.00
A golden thread - beaming with light and love, this polished black dome shaped Tungsten Carbide ring with a polished gold groove and inner goes great with any outfit. Width: 6mm Thickness: 2.3mm
-57% sale
6mm Rose Gold and Silver Tungsten Carbide Ring
Orbit Rings
Sunset Pure Slim $105.00 $240.00
Made with comfort and style in mind, the Sunset Pure is a perfect choice for those looking for a wedding band. The Sunset Pure Slim features a polished finish to complement the brushed finish on the edges, giving it an elegant and eye-catching look. Width: 6mm Thickness: 2.3mm
-58% sale
6mm Silver and Blue Tungsten Carbide Ring
Orbit Rings
Sunset Silver Slim $105.00 $250.00
A perfect, stylish and elegant ring that you can wear to any occasion and be proud of. Sunset Silver Slim is made of tungsten carbide, so it's not only comfortable but also stylish. The ring has a center groove, making it stand out as a modern piece of jewelry.  Width: 6mm Thickness: 2.3mm
-46% sale
6mm Black Brushed Ceramic Ring
Venus Black Slim $1,320.00 $2,440.00
Make a statement with this beautiful 6mm brushed black Ceramic ring. A unique ring to make any moment special.   Width: 6mm (Available in 4mm and 8mm - enquire on price)
8mm Silver and Blue Titanium Ring 4mm Silver and Blue Titanium Ring
Venus Blue from $1,230.00 $2,340.00
A Titanium ring with a brilliant blue inner, adding a little brilliance to any outfit or occasion. Width: 4mm / 6mm / 8mm  
Wedding Ring 9ct White Gold 4mm/6mm/8mm Polished White Gold Wedding Band
White Gold
White Gold 9ct from $6,995.00 $8,500.00
Not just a band, but a promise available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm Metal: 9ct White Gold


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